Monday, April 19, 2010

Confidence from the Bay City Rollers.

The Bay City Rollers are kind of responsible for building my confidence.

When I played Little League in the late 70s there were four levels. Tee-ball was for 8 years olds. The Minors was the next level after that for 9 year olds and was the first year of pitching. Intermediate was the next level of mostly 10 year olds. The Majors was the last level that was played for two years before a kid could move on to the teenage league.

I played Tee-ball. I played in the Minors. The year I was supposed to play in the Intermediates I told my dad I did not want to play. He sighed. I think it was a sigh of relief. I was not a very good athlete. I was somewhat of the spastic kid who, as my dad always said, ran like I was "dragging a piano". The real reason I did not want to play was that Little League games were Saturday mornings and that conflicted with Saturday morning cartoons like the Challenge of the Superfriends, Captain Caveman and shows like Bigfoot and Wildboy and Kroft Super Hour featuring the Bay City Rollers.

A week into the start of the baseball season I told my dad I changed my mind and that I really wanted to play. He sighed again. He said he would make some phone calls to the league officials and other coaches but he could not promise anything.

Looking back I can only imagine those phone calls.

Skip: Hi Joe. this is Skip. One of my boys decided he wanted to play this year. I know it is a little late but I was hoping..
Joe: Skip, one of your boys? Hell I would take any one of your boys. They are good athletes. I coached two of them last year. Your oldest three all got drafted into the Majors as 10 years olds. Sure I would love to have one of your kids. Which one?
Skip: Billy.
Joe: Uhm, Billy? Uhm. Did you say Billy? Isn't he the one that played on Verdekal's team last year? Didn't you make him the catcher on your Tee-Ball team so he would always be wearing a helmet? Skip I just realized I have a full roster and I am really sorryIgottagonowtalktoyousoonbye. Click.

After several phone calls my dad finally placed me on a team. The only catch was that I would have to replay at the Minor League level. I would not play with my friends and classmates. My dad told me that if I said yes, I was not allowed to quit. I said yes.

That year, because I was older than the other kids, was the year I was not afraid of the ball. That year, because I was older, was the year I learned to hit. That year, since I already knew the fundamentals, I played second base and short stop, because I knew where to throw the ball. That year was the year that made me want to play the next few years. That year was the year that I found confidence in myself as an athlete.

So by me wanting to watch the Bay City Rollers on Saturday mornings, somehow, I was able to be held back a year in baseball that made me less awkward as an athlete. That line right there is something I doubt you will ever read or hear again, from anybody.


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