Monday, June 28, 2010


I don’t know how it is for girls, but when changing the diaper on a little boy as soon as the diaper comes off they immediately reach for their penis. I know this is a habit which will stay with them for the rest of their lives. When you are dealing with a toddler who needs a diaper change some times the pecker-grab-reflex (medical abbreviation is PGR) means they are also grabbing what was in the diaper (You know the whole reason they needed a change in the first place), especially if it is an explosive diaper. I don’t know how many times I have had to wipe poop off of my kid’s hands while I was trying to change them because of the PGR.

I have three boys and I have to admit that the PGR is most strong in Jackson. The older two boys, the just did a basic package inspection. They grabbed it, jiggled it, and made sure it was all there and then moved on. Jackson on the other hand is still trying to guess what is inside. He grabs, squeezes, shakes it like it is a Christmas package, twists it and rolls it through his fingers before he gives up. That’s, if he gives up. Sometimes I have to pry his fingers off of it. Now can you imagine if he grabbed poop with the same technique?

One of the tricks I learned to prevent the PGR mess is to give the boy a toy or keys or something to play with to distract them from grabbing themselves. Sometimes I just give them the container of wipes or another diaper to play with while I assess the damage. I call this distraction a decoy, an artificial bird if you will. Sometimes though, the PGR impulse is too strong and the next thing you know you are soaking your car keys in bleach because they ended up in covered in last night’s corn on the cob.

Since we have switched to Huggies Little Mover brand of diapers I have noticed that the mess in the diapers is better contained. The poop does not seem to ride up as much onto the area most desired by the PGR. However the other day Jackson had quite a blowout and he needed immediate attention. I gave him the box of wipes as I usually do but I realized I was going to need many many wipes to clean up the mess so I had to switch the decoy. I took my sunglasses off my head and dangled them over Jackson’s face. I felt like Indiana Jones switching the bag of sand for the golden idol. I made the mistake of grabbing the wipes from Jackson’s left hand before Jackson took the glasses with his right. Sure enough his empty hand PGR-ed. His other hand grabbed my glasses.

His hand which was firmly grabbing his sack was covered in liquid poop. I worked quickly to contain the situation, wiping feverishly to clean up his hand before he could tighten his grip. My glasses distracted him and he then put both his hand on the glasses so I could finish the clean up. I put a new Huggie Little Mover on him and let him go.

I gathered the dirty diaper and wipes and disposed of them before returning for my sunglasses which were now lying on the floor. I put the sunglasses back on my head. A minute later I could not shake the smell of the dirty diaper. I washed and washed my hands again. I could still smell the diaper. 30 minutes later I realized I had poop in my hair. I must have missed wiping his hand, which then grabbed my glasses which then covered them in poop, which then ended up in my hair. I should have used a different decoy.

I was a guy with poop on his head. There is a term for that but I can’t think of it right now…

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